Welcome to Candor Network

A social network that doesn't track, use, solicit, or sell your data

Man and woman sitting at table. Both are holding and looking at smart phones.

Have you ever done some online shopping, only to find those products "follow you" onto Facebook advertising? Have you ever tried to delete or "untag" yourself from an image or update, only to have it resurface again later? Do you worry about your interactions and data being tracked and sold? Candor Network is here to help.

Key Features of Candor Network

  • Data stays with Candor Network.  The data you put in your profile stays in your profile, and will never be shared or sold outside Candor Network.
  • Enjoy complete data transparency. Our "data view" allows you to see every piece of data associated with your account.
  • Delete really means delete. When you delete an image, update, or profile it really gets deleted.
  • All the social media features you've come to expect: friend feeds, photo sharing, events, etc.
  • No ads

Get on board

Candor Network is in the early phases of research and development, and we could use your help. Please fill out the short survey below, and let us know if you'd be willing to join our beta testers.

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